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Bunny Love - A Velvet X Reader Story - Chapter 7B by RWBY-stories Bunny Love - A Velvet X Reader Story - Chapter 7B by RWBY-stories
Chapter 7B - A Night Out

    “I’ll take her on a date.” You told Ruby.

    “Aww, that’s great!” She said, smiling. “Although I’m really not the person to talk to about it. I’d go to Yang if I were you. She’d know better than anyone how you should go about it.” You smiled and slowly stood up. “Okay, I will after classes tomorrow. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now, and I’m kinda tired. But thanks for everything, Ruby. I don’t know how to thank you.” She stood up. “Don’t. I’m just glad to help. I’ll tell Yang to come talk with you after classes tomorrow.” After a quick bear hug, she started for the door and let herself out. “By the way,” She said, holding the door for a moment, “I totally ship you guys.” “Get outta here!” You said back jokingly. Giggling, she pulled the door to a close.

    After her footsteps trailed off, all was quiet. Even the distant noise of the crickets outside seemed to silence itself. The silent ambience of the air seemed cold, but not in a bad way. You felt comfortable, happy, like you never wanted that moment to end, but you weren’t quite sure why. You felt content.

    Excited about tomorrow and what it would bring, talking to Yang, you went to bed a bit early. You needed your rest, if tomorrow was going to go well.

    Waking up the next morning felt like the morning of (favorite holiday). You were so excited for today, and just being able to go out on an actual date with that adorable bunny. You were a blur getting ready, taking the time to make yourself look extra nice. But the day genuinely couldn’t have gone slower. Classes dragged on, but thankfully you met up with Velvet for lunch again. Hanging out with her felt nice, but new, in the sense that you looked at her in a new light now. There’s always that way you look at someone, and how different you look at someone when they’re just a friend or a crush or whatnot. It felt so comfortably different. Her brown eyes shined with happiness and joy when you told a joke, and her cheeks turned a bit red when she laughed too hard, that big smile plastered on her face like a work of art. Her tall, brown ears remained straight up as you talked, but they seemed to bend downwards when she laughed too hard, holding her sides and hunching over. Oh, how hard it was to resist the urge to just kiss her right then and there. If you could have gotten away with it, you would have.

    Damn social rules.

    The end of the day finally arrived, finally. You speed walked back to your dorm with a quiet smile on your face. Your pocket began buzzing all of a sudden, and it yanked you out of that moment like someone grabbed your hand and pulled. You reached for the scroll inside and opened it to see Yang giving you a call. Heading inside the building and walking through the lobby, you answered it. “Hey Yang, what’s up?” “Hey, (Y/n)! Just calling because Ruby ran by me yesterday that you wanted to chat with me about something. What’s up?”

    “Yeah, I did. Good things, though. Nothing bad.”

    “Oh, sweet. Ruby was being super cryptic about it. She couldn’t stop giggling, like there was some big secret she didn’t want to spill.”

    You looked around quickly, the lobby was empty. “Well, there is a big secret, but it doesn’t affect you, so no worries. I just need some advice about it, if you don’t mind.”

    “Oh, okay. I can do that.”

    “Great! I’m in the lobby right now, mind coming down to meet me?”

    “No problem. On my way.”

    “Okay, thanks, Yang. See you in a few.”

    “See ya!”

    She hung up the call.

    You closed your scroll and put it in your pocket. Having nothing else to really do for the next minute or so, you paced around the lobby for a while, thinking. “‘I’d go to Yang if I were you. She’d know better than anyone how you should go about it.’” Ruby’s voice echoed in your head. “I sure hope so. I don’t wanna screw this up.” You paused. “I should make sure Velvet’s free later. I guess I’ll ask her tonight. Why not?” You pulled out your scroll again. It said the time was 2:40. “Not sure how long this talk will take. I want a few hours to collect my thoughts anyways. Say around 8.” Opening up your chat with Velvet, you texted “You free around 8? Want to ask you something.” “I guess I can’t say if it’s a good thing or not. I’m not sure how she’s gonna take this.”

    You hit send.

    Strangely enough, she began texting back immediately. Those dots under your message appeared right after you hit send. It caught you off guard. “How’d she… Did she know I was gonna text, or..?” You received the text from her. “Yeah, I’ll be at your room at 8:15.” At the end was a little panda emoji, which made you giggle. Just then, the elevator at the end of the room made a noise, signaling it was about to open. You closed the chat and put your scroll away. As you paced to the elevator, the doors opened with a low hum. Yang stood within, one hand on her hip, the other at her side, that orange scarf dangling from her neck still. You raised your hand to wave to her. She rose her arm and waved back. “Hey.” You said upon reaching her. “Yo. So, you’re all good?” She asked, a hint of concern in her tone. “Eh, I guess. That’s kinda what I wanted to talk with you about.” She rose her shoulders and said “Alright.”

    As you began to walk out of the building, you started the conversation. “So, you know Velvet Scarlatina, right? Brown bunny ears, kinda shy, carries that little box with her?”

    “Eh, sorta. Ruby knows her more, but any friend of hers is a friend of mine. Hey, she’s that girl you got Cardin to back off of the other day, right?”

    “Sheesh, news travels fast around here.”

    “People talk.” Yang said with a shrug.

    After a pause, you turned your head to her and said “Speaking of, how good of a secret keeper are you?” She hesitated for a minute. “I’m alright. Why?”

    “Um, I don’t want you telling anyone else about this talk, or what I’m gonna tell you here, can you do that?” She looked to you with concern in her lilac eye. “Yeah, I’ll keep quiet. What’s up?”

    You tied your hands around your back and kicked the ground in front of you, but continued walking. You looked up to find yourself outside, walking past a common area, those areas with the grass and the benches. You assumed you were so lost in conversation you forgot to pay attention to where you went. “Um, well, recently, I’ve started developing feelings for Velvet. I… I, want to ask her out, you know, on a date. Just telling her I like her isn’t my style. It’s just not what I’d do. Thing is, I have no idea how I’m supposed to go about asking her, let alone what to do ON said date. I told Ruby something similar, I think, and she said you were a better person to talk to about it than her.” Yang shrugged. “She’s not wrong.”

    You turned to Yang, who was looking up and thinking, her hands at her sides. “Well, even I’ve noticed how shy Velvet can be, but if she really likes you back, she won’t mind going on a date if it’s with you. Plus, it’s super sweet of you to take her out. You’re on the right track so far.” You smiled as she continued. “Sure, it can be nerve racking, but all you really gotta do is be nice. Hold the door for her, take the bill, hold her hand on the way home. That kinda stuff.” You nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I can do that, sure.” Yang lifted her hands in the air. “That, confidence, and a nice outfit, and you’re good to go.” She clapped once, loudly. “Alright, that sounds simple. But, how do I ask her?” “Well, what is it you wanna do?” Yang responded in a chill tone. “Take her on a date.” With a laugh, she said “Just say that. ‘Hey Velvet, can I take you on a date?’ It’s not that hard.” You tilted your head from side to side. “Eh, alright. Thanks for the advice, Yang. Really helped a lot.”

    “No problem. Just gonna throw this out there, though. It’s sweet that you care for her the way you do, it really is. With Cardin breathing down her neck, she could use someone like you to hold onto.” You smiled and nodded, and then turned to look forward at the trees form the common areas, the leaves blowing ever so gently in the breeze. “So, when’s the date happening? I’ll go one further and help you get ready.” You looked at her in surprise. “Really?” With another shrug, she responded “Sure! I’m helping Ruby get ready also, might as well.”

    “Okay.” You said awkwardly. “I’m asking her tonight. Not sure if we’ll actually go OUT tonight, it’s super last minute, but she’s free tonight and so am I. What’s a better time to just run it by her?” “Sweet.” There was a pause as the quiet breeze blew by you both, blowing Yang’s scarf and your (f/c) hoodie aside slightly.

    “There’s no way she’s gonna turn you down, (Y/n). So long as you play your cards right, she’ll be your GF in no time. Either way, good luck. It’s a gamble, asking someone out. But you should be totally fine. Everything will become second nature before you know it.”

    “Thanks, Yang. Thanks a lot. I owe you one.” You said with a quick smile her way. “You’re welcome.” She responded calmly. Just then, a buzzing broke the silence in the air. Yang checked her pocket to find her scroll lighting up. She opened it to see a call from Ruby. “I’d better take this. Tell me how it goes with Velvet!” “Okay, I will! Bye!” Yang waved and turned to head back into the building. “Hey, Ruby, what’s up?” You pulled out your scroll and checked it as Yang’s conversation got quieter as she grew further away. “No, you don’t need to be nervous! I said I’ll help you get ready and I will.”

    You laughed to yourself.

    Suddenly, a tune played from your scroll in your hand. You checked it to see Velvet texting you, saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t ask earlier, but is…” The message was cut off by the tiny notification slide. You tapped on it to open it and see the full message, which read “I’m sorry I didn’t ask earlier, but is everything okay? What is it you wanna talk to me about?” You hesitated to answer. “Uh…” You said aloud to nobody. In the distance, you heard the front doors to Beacon opening. You heard two voices talking faintly in the same direction, but you couldn’t tell what about. You began typing a response. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’d rather ask you in person, though.” You waited a moment and hit send. Just as you were about to put your scroll away, you got another text. It was from Yang. You opened it, to see her saying “Velvet’s coming! Look alive!” You stood confused for a minute, but your heart skipped a beat when you you heard footsteps headed your way from behind. They were faint, but elegant. You looked over your shoulder, and saw a familiar pair of long brown bunny ears headed your way.

    It was Velvet, staring down at her scroll.

    She stared down for a moment, probably reading your message to her. The wind blew slightly harder than it had a moment ago. Leaves flew past Velvet as her brilliant brown hair lept up to her side. She hunched over a bit, and looked to where the wind was coming from. You grabbed the sides of your (f/c) hoodie and pulled it over yourself to look less sloppy. You ran your fingers through your (h/c) hair and took a breather. Velvet turned and saw you on the path. She waved sweetly at you, and you reciprocated. “Hey Velv, what’s up?” She giggled once. “That’s what you wanted to ask me?”

    Your heart stopped.

    “Well, uh, technically, eh, no.” “Confidence.” Yang said in your head. Velvet held a calm expression on her face. You coughed quickly and said to her boldly “I know we’ve only known each other for a few days and all, but, I don’t know, you wanna go out sometime?” Velvet’s eyes widened. Her mouth opened slightly, and her cheeks turned a bright red. You heard her inhale slightly. There was a very awkward pause as she stood looking at you. She tilted her head to the side and slightly down.

    “I’m free tonight.”

    You were taken aback, but you didn’t let it show. She grinned slightly. With a shrug, you said. “Alright, I guess, it’s a date then.”

    “Alright.” She responded quietly. “At 7, maybe?”

    With a smile, you said “Sure.”

    “Alright then. I came out here to take a quick walk, so I’m gonna go finish that. You go get ready.”

    Laughing slightly, you said “Okay, I will. See you at 7. I’ll go to your dorm and pick you up.”

    “I’ll be ready.”

    She rose her hand for a high five. Again taken aback, you rose your hand and hit hers. She immediately grabbed it. You felt your cheeks burn as she leaned in. “Don’t be late.” Nervously laughing, you said to her “I won’t be late.” She let go of your hand and said “Good.” She put her hand to her hip and strolled off. After a moment’s pause, you walked in the opposite direction. You took out your scroll and called Yang slowly. The phone rang for about half a second before she answered and said “What happened?” You paused.

    “She said yes.”

    “YyyyyyyyyyyyyES! I KNEW SHE WOULD!” You moved the scroll away from your ear. Once she was done screaming, you said to her “She said tonight.” Yang paused.

    “Come over now.”

    * * *

    The elevator doors to your dorm’s floor opened with a low pitched shoving noise. You strolled out alone and knocked on team RWBY’s door. Yang immediately threw the door open and pulled you inside. Ruby sat on the bed in a red dress with a black band around the waist. Yang slammed the door. She turned to you and asked “What happened?” in one of the most eager tones you’d ever heard in your life. She smiled big and stared at you with wide, curious eyes. You looked at her with concern. You turned to Ruby, who was staring at you with the same expression. You stared for a moment before saying to her “Nice dress.” “Thank you.” She responded without blinking. With a sigh, you explained to them what happened.

    “Well, Velvet and I said hi, I asked her if she wanted to go out, and she said ‘Yeah I’m free tonight let’s do that.’ So we planned for 7 and she walked off and then I came over here. Sooooooooo, yeah, that’s about it.” Yang looked at you in disappointment. “Well, at least she said yes.” Ruby said from behind. “Yeah.” Yang agreed. Suddenly becoming enthusiastic, Yang clapped and said “WELL!” You jumped. “We’d better get you ready. We have a little more than 4 hours but we’d better get started now!”

    “Wha- Why?”

    “Do you wanna look good?”

    “Well, yeah, but-”

    “Takes time to! We have plenty, let’s use it!”

    Ruby stood up behind you. “I call the hair!”

    You rolled your eyes.

    * * *

    You sat on the bed, adjusting your outfit (a (f/c) collar shirt, a dark blue blazer with golden buttons, grey dress pants, a belt, and black shoes if male, a (f/c) dress and matching leggings, and black shoes if female). Ruby was behind you, running a comb carefully through your (h/c) hair. “You know,” You said to her without turning. “I can do this myself.” “But I want to!” She continued as Yang laughed. “That looks pretty good, but I have one more idea.” Ruby finished combing your hair and jumped off the bed. “What?” Yang whispered something into her ear. Ruby’s face lit up. “That’s perfect! I’ll go get one!” She zipped out of the room in an instant, leaving rose petals everywhere. Yang strolled over and sat next to you. “So, you nervous? The date starts in 15 minutes.”

    “Not really, no. I mean I’m wearing this nice outfit, sure, but it just hasn’t hit me that it’s for a date yet.”

    “Eh, it will.”

    “I hope so. I’m kinda excited though.”

    “I imagine you would be. You know what to do though, right? Don’t tell me you asked for my advice and then forgot it all.”

    “No, no, I remember. Just be nice and confident.”

    “Yeah. That, and be honest. Don’t you dare lie to her.”

    “I would never do that!”

    “You better not, or I’ll find out, and I’ll find YOU.”

    You gulped nervously. Before you could respond, Ruby zipped back into the room. She tripped and fell, but caught herself on her hands. “Can we talk for a minute about how Weiss FIGHTS in these?” She said, getting up and kicking her heels off. “I don’t need to go ANYWHERE for another hour. I’m not wearing these when I don’t have to” Yang stood up and said to her “I’m sure Weiss will be wearing them tonight.” Ruby whipped her head to Yang and snapped at her with gritted teeth. “Hey- Would you-” Yang snatched something from Ruby’s hand. She turned and handed it to you.

    It was a rose.

    “Figured she’d like it.” Yang said. “Shows you care.”

    “But, I didn’t think of it.”

    “She doesn’t have to know that.”

    “But- What did we JUST talk about?”

    Yang paused and tightened her grip on the rose.

    “Would you just give her the rose?”

    You snatched it from her hand and looked at it. It was brilliantly red. “Freshly picked from outside.” Ruby commented. “I picked the thorns off for you.” “Thanks, Rubes.” You said to her without looking up. Yang grabbed your shoulders and put you in front of the mirror. “So? Whaddya think?”

    But you froze.

    NOW it hit you. You were dressed like this to go on a date with Velvet.

    A date.

    With Velvet.

    It hit you like a punch to the face. You grew incredibly nervous in a matter of seconds. You remembered Velvet, and how great she was. Everything you liked about her. How adorable her smile was, how flirtatious she could get, how funny her jokes were, and so much more.

    This was it.

    You were going on a date with Velvet Scarlatina.

    “I think it just hit me!” You said aloud, stumbling down a bit. Yang grabbed you and helped you up. Ruby came to help too. They both helped you walk to the nearby bed, where you sat down in a nervous heap. Yang sat next to you, and Ruby on the opposing side. “You okay?” Yang asked. You rubbed your head and looked down. “Eh, I don’t know, I think it just hit me that I’m going on a date. NOW I’m nervous, what if I mess it up, what if she doesn’t wanna go on another date, what if-” “Hey, slow down.” Ruby interrupted. “Relax!” You looked up at her. Her silver eyes shined brilliantly. She had a sweet smile on her face. “I know you. You’re not gonna mess it up. You would never let that happen. And even if you did, Velvet would probably find it funny.” You smiled, but that nervous look stayed in your eye. From behind you, “I told you everything you gotta do.” You turned to Yang. “Long as you stick to that, you’ll be fine, really.” “Really?” “Yeah! I told Rubes the same thing and she was great on her date!” From behind you, “You have no idea.” “Look, (Y/n), you’ll be fine, I’m sure.” There was a pause. “I hope so.” You stood up and ran your hand through your (h/c) hair. Ruby jumped up. “Wait wait no don’t mess up my vision!” She grabbed the comb and began fixing your hair. You began to laugh as she panicked a little bit. Yang stood up and put her hand on your shoulder. “(Y/n), you’re ready to go on this date.” You smiled. “Thanks for helping me get there.” She lowered her hand. “You’re welcome.” Ruby finally finished combing your hair. “Hey, you’ve still got a few minutes before you have to pick her up.”

    “Meh, I’ll be fashionably early.” You started for the door.

    Yang ran over and opened it for you. “Go get her.” She said. You nodded with a confident smile. “GOOD LUCK!” Ruby shouted from behind. Laughing, you strolled out of the door. It closed behind you with a click.

    You looked at the rose in your hand as you hit the button on the elevator. It soon opened with the same loud noise from earlier. You stepped inside and set it to go to Velvet’s floor. It closed and then began moving. “‘You’re not gonna mess it up. You would never let that happen. And even if you did, Velvet would probably find it funny.’ ‘you’re ready to go on this date.’” You heard in your head. Confidence flew through you. You felt like you were ready for this date. You felt powerful, ready to have the perfect date with Velvet. Soon after, the doors opened. You heard voices talking from one of the rooms. Strolling to Velvet’s room, you realized it was from her room.

    “But, but what if I’m overdressing?” You heard Velvet say in her little accent. You stopped at the door to listen in for a minute.

    “Dude, you’re not overdressing! You look fine.” “Pretty sure that’s Coco.”

    “I hope I’m not.”

    “Better to overdress than underdress.”

    “Eh, fair enough.”

    “So, when’s (Y/n) supposed to get here?”

    “Um, I think around-” You knocked on the door. “Around now!” Velvet squealed in either fear or excitement. You weren’t quite sure. Footsteps grew closer to the door. Suddenly, it opened to reveal Coco. She looked at you through her sunglasses, almost scanning you. Breaking the silence, you asked “Velvet ready?” Coco responded with “Yeah, she’s ready.” She lowered her voice. “But she’s really nervous, try to get her to relax.” You winked to show you understood. Coco pulled the door open to reveal Velvet, standing in the center of the room.

    She wore a brown coat with a black dress underneath. She also wore brown leggings and black heels. Her hands were holding one another at her waist, and on one of her wrists she wore a golden bracelet with a bunny charm on it. As absolutely beautiful as she was, Coco was right. She was visibly nervous, from the look on her face to her red cheeks to her shaking legs. “Humor will calm her down.” You thought to yourself. You raised the rose in one hand and your other arm at an angle for her to take. “I believe these are yours.” She smiled and laughed nervously. The blush began to fade on her cheeks. You caught Coco nodding once out of the corner of your eye. Velvet walked up to you nervously. She took the rose in her hand and said “Thank you” sweetly. She smiled at you, which made you smile in return. She handed the rose to Coco. “On my nightstand.” She said. You laughed to yourself. Coco took the rose and set it on Velvet’s nightstand. Velvet took your arm in hers and walked out of the door. You could feel her arm slightly shaking. “Have fun.” Coco said. As she closed the door, she put her face to the crack in between. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Velvet turned, but before she could say anything, Coco slammed the door shut. Velvet sighed. “You look really nice.” You told her. She turned to you with a look of slight shock on her face. “Um, thanks.” She said with a nervous smile and a blush. You set the elevator to take you both to the first floor. The doors opened, and you both stepped inside. “So,” Velvet began. “I’ve gotta ask. Were you nervous about this at all?”

    * * *

    Arriving at the restaurant, you grabbed the door and held it open for Velvet. Letting go of your arm, she said “Thanks again.” She walked inside, and you followed. “You’re welcome.” Velvet looked around in amazement. The restaurant you were taking her to was nicer than she expected. “Wow.” She said. There was a bar with bottles colored with every color of the rainbow and then some. The counter was black, and so were the seats. The leather was red, attacked perfectly to the top. The tables, which were also black, but with a white cloth over them, had black chairs with red leather seats as well. The walls were lined with booths, some for four, some for two, one even for six. And of course, all the tables had a candle in the center. The carpet was red with golden stars, and the walls were black.

    “What is this, a six-star restaurant?” You laughed aloud. A voice spoke to you from the side, and it startled you both. “Four, actually, miss.” You both turned to see the waitress, in a black suit and tie. Her hair was black and grey, draped over her left shoulder, and one eye. The other eye was colored gold. She held a menu in her hands. “Okay.” Velvet said. “Welcome. May I show you to your seat?” You looked to her and said “Yeah, sure, thank you.” “Just…” Velvet said, leaning over to her. “One on the walls.” “Booth for two it is.” She began walking around the tables, and you both followed her. “Sorry,” Velvet said to you. “I don’t like sitting in the middle of restaurants, I feel too open.” “No, that’s fine. I feel the same, actually. I just hate being that exposed, ugh.” Velvet smiled and giggled. You arrived at your booth soon after. Velvet sat down, and you after. The waitress turned to you both and held the menu to her chest. “Good evening to you both. My name is Cinder, I’ll be your server tonight.” With a smile, you both said “Hi” to her. “I’m gonna go get more menus for you both. We’ll also have water here soon. Just sit tight, I’ll be right back.” You told her “Okay” and Velvet nodded. Cinder walked off with the menu. Turning to Velvet, who was taking off her coat and setting it behind her, you asked “You doing okay so far?” She was looking around at the lights in the ceiling. “Yeah, I’m good. Thanks for taking me out tonight. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this, but I’m not really anymore.”

    “Good, I’m glad.”

    “To be honest, I needed a break tonight.”

    “How come?”

    “Remember that whole deal with Cardin getting in a pile of trouble for bullying me?”

    “Vividly, yes, why?”

    “His in-school suspension ends tomorrow. He’s gonna come for me for sure.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry. But no worries, I won’t let him hurt you.”

    “You- He’s gonna come for me, he’s gonna KILL you! Coco wasn’t kidding when she said he’d be after your head.”

    “Meh. What’s the worst that could happen? He’ll try to hurt me, I won’t let him, and he’ll get in trouble again.”

    “If you say so. But Yatsu wasn’t kidding when she said we’d keep an eye out for you. If I have to use my weapon, I will.”

    “Thanks, but I’m curious. What does your weapon do? I mean, there’s not just a little bunny in that box, is there?”

    She giggled. “No, no. It’s a camera. I take pictures of people with their weapons, and if I wait a while, like a long while, the camera builds a hard-light copy of the weapon, which I can use in battle. I only get one use out of each photo, though.”

    “That’s so cool! You should sign up for the Vytal tournament with that. Imagine the other team’s faces when you defeat them with their own weapons.”

    “Eh, I’m not sure I want to. Coco’s trying to talk me into it as well, but I still need to think about it.”

    “Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

    Just then, a short girl wearing the same type of suit from earlier walked to your table with two glasses of ice water. Half of her hair was a dark brown, and the other a bright pink. Her eyes were the same colors, but reversed. She set the glasses of ice water in front of you both and smiled. “Thank you!” You said to her. She simply nodded off in response and practically skipped away.

    Velvet began to drink the water, and you did the same. Velvet lowered the glass to the table quickly and brought her hand to her lips. You set your glass to the table slowly after and asked her “You okay? You allergic to water?” Ignoring you, she lowered her hand and said “The ice water’s cold.”

    You stared at her in confusion. She looked back innocently.

    “Yeah.” You said flatly. She started to laugh, and you did too. “It is.” You said before you both began to laugh a bit louder. “Ice will do that.” You told her. “Don’t be a pest.” Velvet said through laughter. You laughed harder and put your head in your hand.

    As you pulled yourselves together, Cinder came back with menus and appetizers. She set them both on the table and said “Here you go. I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your orders.” “Thank you, Cinder.” You said to her. “You’re welcome.” She said before strolling off. You and Velvet picked up your menus and looked through them. “By the way, you can order whatever.” Velvet looked up in shock. “Wha- Really?” “Yeah. It’s not my place to restrict what you eat.” Velvet was in disbelief, but she shrugged it off. “Alright, if you say so.” You both fell silent and looked through the menus for a moment.

    “Um…” Velvet said, looking up. You looked up to her. “What if I can’t decide?” “Then we’ll split something.” You looked down at the menu. “You like chicken salad?” “Uh, sure.” She said hesitantly. “Alright. A chicken salad it is.” “Ooh! Let’s also get a slice of pizza each!” You looked up at her. “Brilliant idea!” You said, pointing to her. She laughed. “So a large chicken salad and two slices of pizza.” You confirmed. “Sounds like a rather delicious plan.” She added. You laughed. Suddenly, your scroll vibrated from your pocket. Luckily, Velvet didn’t hear it. You ignored the scroll for the time being. “You want anything else?”

    “Nah, I’m good. Thanks.”

    “Okay, and now we just wait for Cinder.”

    “She seems pretty nice.”

    “Yeah, she does. But who was that that brought us the ice water?”

    “I don’t know, she didn’t say anything.”

    Just then, Cinder came back with a pad and paper. “You both ready to order?” She asked politely. “Yeah, we are.” You responded. “We’ll have a large chicken salad, and two slices of pizza.”

    “Okay, and what kind of pizza would you like?”

    You and Velvet froze.

    “Um, what kind of pizza do we want?”

    Velvet looked up. “BLT pizza.”

    “BLT pizza it is. I’ll be back with your food very soon.”

    Cinder walked away as you turned to Velvet. “BLT pizza?”

    “Yeah. It’s the best. Pizza with bacon, lettuce, and tomato on it. It’s SO GOOD.”

    “Well I guess I’m trying it tonight, so I sure hope so.”

    You both talked for a little while before you excused yourself to the restroom. “If you’re not back when the food gets here, I’m eating your pizza.” Velvet teased. You laughed sarcastically and walked off to the bathroom.

    Before you left to head back to the table, your scroll buzzed again. You remembered the time it had buzzed earlier and wondered what whoever was texting you wanted. It turned out to be Yang. “Hey, how’s the date going?” “Yo answer I’m bored”. You laughed while you typed out a quick response. “I’ll tell you everything when I get back, but great so far! Thanks for the advice, it’s working!” You hit send and put your scroll away. As you arrived back to the table, Velvet said “You’re lucky. No food yet.”

    After talking for a bit longer, Cinder brought you both the food you’d ordered. A chicken salad on a plate, right in the center of the table. That, and two slices of pizza. One in front of each of you. You both thanked Cinder and began eating as she walked away. “Hey hey hey,” Velvet said as you started for the chicken salad. You paused. “Eat the BLT pizza.”

    Reluctantly you took a bite, but it tasted great. Your eyes widened. Velvet’s face lit up as you enjoyed the pizza more and more. “I’m so glad you like it!” She said adorably, hopping in her seat.

    Your face was too full of pizza to respond.

    The both of you talked for the rest of the meal, and it went fantastically. You couldn’t have asked for it to go better. The meal was great, Velvet and you both made funny jokes and talked about weapons and that sort of thing. It went great.

    Cinder came by just as you were finishing the meal. “How is everything so far?” “Fantastic, thank you.” You told her. “I think I’ll take the check now, though.” “Okay. Glad to hear you enjoyed your food, the check will be here soon.” She strolled off. “That was an amazing meal.” Velvet said. “Thanks so much for taking me out.” “Thanks so much for letting me.” You responded. “There’s nobody I’d rather have here.” She blushed.

    As Velvet put her coat on, tiny footsteps came trotting to your table. It was that lady with the pink and brown hair from earlier. She handed you the check, and you took it with a smile. She stood, waiting to take it back when you were done. “How much is it?” Velvet asked. “Doesn’t matter, I’ve got it.” She looked up in shock. “Hey! Don’t spend your life savings on me, I’ll pay for my half of the meal.” “No you will not.” You said to her. “Seriously, I’ve got it. It’s okay.”

    “You sure?”


    She slowly began to smile as you handed the lady the filled out check. “Say, what’s your name?” You asked her. She held up the nametag on her suit. “Hm. Neo. Well, thank you very much, Neo, have a good night.” She smiled and ran back to the back of the restaurant. You extended your hand for Velvet to take. “Oh, your hand now?” She said. “Why not?” You responded. She took your hand in hers, and you led her out of the restaurant.

    (Author’s note - Play this while ya read this bit whydoncha…)

    Night had fallen. It was cool outside, nice and perfect. You walked hand in hand with Velvet back to beacon. You felt like her arm was hugging yours. The walk was pretty. The path you both were taking had an open sidewalk between the school and the town. It was the path on the cliff to the left of the front of Beacon, and it was beautiful, especially at night. With no lights nearby, the stars shone bright and almost lit the way. Rather than black, the night had a dark blue color to it. You were almost back at Beacon now. You’d both been talking earlier, but now you were silent. “It’s really pretty out tonight.” Velvet said softly, breaking that silence and looking up at the shining white stars above in the clear sky. A gentle breeze blew by you both from the side, and her hair blew along with it, almost wrapping itself around the back of your head. “Yeah, it really is, but I’ve seen prettier.” You said, looking to her. “Really?” She asked, turning to you. “Where?” You kept looking at her. “Right there.” She smiled as her cheeks began to burn. Her ears fell to the sides of her head as she put her head on your shoulder. You released her hand and put your arm around her shoulder. “I had fun tonight.” You said softly. “Me too.” She said.

    “Look, I know we made a lot of jokes during tonight, and they were funny, don’t get me wrong,” She began. “But, let’s be serious for a minute. WAS this a date? Was this… Our first date?”

    “Well,” You responded. “Do you want it to be?”

    She hesitated. You decided to elaborate. “It won’t count as a date if you don’t want it to. Up to you.”

    “Yes.” You turned to look at her head resting against your shoulder. She looked up to you with those shining brown eyes. You saw a cute smile below them. “Yeah, it was our first date, and it was perfect.” You smiled, and rested your head on hers. “It really was. Again, there was nobody I would rather have taken out.” She lifted her arm to your shoulder. You turned onto the part of the sidewalk leading to Beacon. It was directly in front of you, but at a 45 degree angle.

    “Sweet.” You said.

    You moved your arm from her shoulder to begin running your fingers through her beautiful brown hair. You both stayed silent as you walked together back to Beacon. Velvet giggled once, but you both mainly stayed silent, just enjoying each other’s company. As you drew closer to the school, and as the path started to bend, a breeze again blew as Velvet spoke up.

    “So, if that was our first date…” She slowed down, and you with her. She lifted her head from your shoulder and turned to face you. Her hand rested on your other shoulder now. With the beautifully lit school to her side, she looked down, but had her eyes pointed up at you. Her hair blew over her shoulders and next to her face in the wind. She lifted her hand from your shoulder to brush it from her eye. Setting it behind her ear, she asked you “Can this be our first kiss?” She smiled, looking up at you. Her bunny ear bent over itself adorably. Her coat swayed gently in the wind.

    Of course you would kiss her.

    “Sure.” You said softly to her with a smile.

    You felt a spark in your eye as you rose your arm to her cheek and pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around you. One on your shoulder, the other at your hip. You ran your hand through her brown hair. Her hair felt warm, despite the chilling weather. Your other hand went to the one at your hip, and ran up her arm to her shoulder. The blowing wind suddenly stopped hitting you. It was still blowing, you just stopped feeling it. She slowly leaned forward, and pulled you close. Her eyes were close, and growing closer. They sparkled with sheer detail. They looked beautiful. She looked beautiful. But she soon closed those sparkling brown eyes as the distance closed between you two.

    The cold stopped. Time stopped. Real life stopped. Your eyes shut by themselves, and all you could see was the blackness of your eyelids. But that didn’t matter. You felt weightless. Almost floating off the ground. You felt relaxed, finally, like all that worry earlier had been for nothing. Her soft lips pressed gently against yours, almost hugging them. Her face felt warm, and welcoming. It felt like burying your face in a cloud. There was no feeling like it. Butterflies in your stomach flew rapidly. You suddenly felt your shoulder being squeezed as you felt her hand holding it tighter, pulling you closer, up against her. You held hers tighter in response, and pulled her to you. You felt her exhale through her nose gently, the warm air falling down your face and leaving it, turning to a bitter cold from the surrounding air. Her other hand lifted and buried itself in your (h/c) hair, and your hand continued running through hers.

    The moment was perfect.

    The connection you both held was abruptly but gently separated as you both seemed to lean back at the same time. As you opened your eyes, a rush of color poured into them. The true vibrancy of the world around you shone brilliantly in the starlight. Velvet’s eyes remained shut for a moment, before they gently flickered open. Velvet stared deep into your widened eyes, and you stared back into hers. They looked widened, but calm. One of her brown bunny ears stood straight up, pointing toward the sky above. The other was bent over itself, adorably curved down. Velvet’s mouth hung ever so slightly open. Her lips shone like glass in the distant moonlight. They gently closed together as a smile grew on her flawless face. You couldn’t help but smile as well.

    She lifted her arm to your other shoulder and stepped to your side without saying a word. You put your hand on her shoulder and moved it up and down. Her ears fell yet again as her head fell to your shoulder. You set your head on hers, and you could almost feel her smiling.

    “It’s cold out.” She said, breaking the emotional silence. “Let’s go inside.”


    You both began to walk off, back to the school slowly, the wind blowing silently from the side. Velvet’s hair blew along with it, almost wrapping itself around your back.


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