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Male!Faunus!ReaderXRWBY: Intro
“Hey, isn’t that the rouge Faunus Ozpin allowed into the school?”
“Yeah, I heard he was a member of the White Fang.”

“Dude, what is Ozpin thinking? Letting someone like that into Beacon?”
His wolf ears twitched in annoyance as they picked up the murmurs of the students in the cafeteria.
(y/n) (l/n) was a Faunus, a wolf Faunus to be precise. He was found in the streets of Vale by some policeman while they were patrolling the streets. They had been told to be on the lookout for a wolf Faunus that was suspected of being a member of the White Fang, he was deemed aggressive and highly dangerous. Noticing his ears and the menacing weapon he carried on his back, they approached him and ordered him to come with them. When he refused, they immediately drew their guns and without even a warning, began to fire at him. He knew he would seriously be injured or die unless he did something, so he drew his weapon that unfolded into an enormous broad swo
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 261 83
Yellow Beauty Burns (Yang Xiao Long x MaleReader)
Beacon Academy, the best Huntsman training academy in the Kingdom of Vale; and a few short weeks ago, you stepped off your airship from the island of Patch with your best friend Jaune Arc and became official students. You and Jaune made some new friends in the short amount of time you had been at Beacon, including a black-haired girl with a red cape named Ruby and her sister Yang; but some new acquaintances were not as friendly to you and Jaune at first, like Weiss Schnee. Despite all of this and being literally flung into an initiation the very next day, you and the other first-years were formed into teams of four each with their own team name and leader. Jaune was partnered up with a red-haired girl named Pyrrha and teamed up with the pairing of Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren to form Team JNPR with Jaune as a leader. Ruby and Weiss, along with Yang and a black-haired girl named Blake became Team RWBY and Ruby was named leader despite having skipped two years of training at her previous ac
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 234 39
Goldilocks and the Wolf
(y/n) didn’t know it, but a pair of lilac eyes had been watching him throughout his first weeks of attending Beacon. She watched as he ate his meals, during class, and while he sparred with his teammates. Yang just couldn’t help but to be enamored with him, it was understandable for a girl her age to be attracted to (y/n), who really was easy on the eyes. But there was one thing she saw as a flaw, and that was (y/n)’s uptight personality. He never really interacted with anyone except with his teammates, and even that was scarce. She had tried to get a “hello” out of him, all he did was respond with a grunt and keep moving on.
It was on a weekend when she finally managed to stop him and get him to speak with her . . . . . . . by grabbing onto his tail when he tried to walk away after giving his brief response to her greeting. He let out a pained yelp.
“Hellloooo!!” she greeted cheerfully again.
“You already said that! N
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 335 135
You Won't Fall Ch. 1 (Velvet x MaleReader)
The sun was shining on another day at Beacon Academy as you slowly woke up this morning. Classes had been going on for a few weeks and you and your friend Jaune Arc had come a long way. The two of you were named the leaders of your teams and, along with team RWBY, you had plenty of fun times together. You looked over to see your teammates Nick, Carmen and Daisy still fast asleep, you being the early riser of the team, so you quietly got dressed and headed down to the dining hall for breakfast. Walking inside, you looked over to see Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang sitting with Jaune and his teammates Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren. They noticed you and waved so you waved back, but as you passed them you heard laughter and it didn’t seem to be the good kind of laughter.
Looking over to your left you saw Cardin Winchester and his team picking on a girl wearing the standard school uniform. She was about as tall as Blake with brown eyes and long brown hair like your teammate Daisy. Another similar
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 194 43
We Aren't All Bad (Velvet X M!Reader)
(There is no description because Deviantart glitches out and my phone doesn't have an easy way to upload stuff like this, anyway I hope you guys enjoy because there will definitely be more of this!!! ^_^)
Chapter 1: All Life Is Precious
(Y/N)~. (y/n)~... wake up~"
You open your eyes slightly to your teammate Zilanna (Zeal-Ahn-Ah) smiling brightly at you, her pink hair seeming brighter than usual, her purple eyes staring into yours with an easily noticeable excitement in them, her tall but curvaceous body looking good as always in the school uniform
"Zilanna... give me 10 more minutes please" you ask, barely able to keep your eyes open
"Okie dokie buddy!" She says, still smiling brightly
You close your eyes for 5 seconds before you feel a hard smack on your back, flailing in pain before you shoot up off your bed, fully awake, you look around to see the cause of this pain. Your eyes close in on the only person who would do such a thing... Johnny Jacksa
:icongrimsin-mingzhi:Grimsin-Mingzhi 146 22
Velvet x Male reader! Memories Shattered! Part 1
Velvet won! Only by a few votes, so Pyrrha will be up next! I've been looking forward to doing this one for soooooo long! I hope you all enjoy!!  
You only remember as far back as 6 years old, when you woke up in a bed, with burns and scratches looking at a man with black hair with slight grayness on the sides.  He said his name was James Ironwood, and asked you who you were.  You thought for a little bit and couldn't remember...Thankfully, you had a train ticket with your name on it in your pocket... Your name was (y/n), unfortunately, your last name was smudged.  He wasn't sure why you didn't remember anything. So he took you to see a doctor.  Sure enough, it was amnesia... The doctor wasn't sure if you'd ever get your memory back... James Ironwood said he would put your name out to the public to see if anyone would claim you as their own... After about 2 weeks, nobody did, so he took you back to Atlas, asking if he could train you, so tha
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 138 20
When the Rose Wilts Ruby x Damaged Male Reader
How did it happen it all seemed like a blur, your girlfriend Ruby Rose stood there with a smile on her face as she kissed another man, you just stood there until she noticed you, her eyes widened in horror as she tried to reach out to you, you did what any person would've done you ran...
It all started like this...
(Y/n) Nikos the fraternal twin brother of Pyrrha Nikos was facing a dilemma
Yes you heard it right the fearless leader of team NADY(Nadeshiko- Shade of pink)(Also just used the Nikos surname instead of your forename, like Sky Lark from team CRDL)
Was in love, and with who you may ask? Why the Scythe wielding leader of team RWBY herself, Ruby Rose.
Dan: Dude...just confess already.
(Y/n): Too risky.
Ashley: Oh come on just do it what's the worst that could happen?
(Y/n): Well for starters...she could reject me, she'd laugh at me for trying, she'd think I'm some sort of freak cause she's 15 and I'm 17...
Ashley: Alright, Alright we get it, but it's no fun to see
:iconstrikes2018:Strikes2018 104 17
Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
It seemed like a normal day for (y/n). Instead of going to the normal training  dome provided for the students, he chose to go into the nearby forest to fight with the Grimm that lurked there instead. Not only did he not really enjoy all those incriminating stares he would get from all the other students that went there to train, but he was able to go all out, really test his limits without any restrictions.
Today was no different, he packed up his sword, changed into comfortable clothing, and was off to the forest. Little did he know of the black and red blur that followed close behind.
(y/n) searched and searched until he finally found a group of about ten Ursas in a large clearing.
“Perfect,” he quietly said to himself. As he moves to pull his sword out, his ears then picked up the faint sound of breathing in a bush behind him.
“Huh?” he turned around to faintly see red hidden in the green of the shrub. Deeply sighing, he walked over to the bush and
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 379 122
Red Like Roses (Ruby Rose x MaleReader)
As you stepped off of the airship and onto the platform, your (e/c) eyes adjusted to the sunlight as the afternoon breeze waved through your mid-length (h/c) hair. While people got off the airship behind you, you knelt down to tie your shoelaces and take in the grand sight of Beacon Academy. You had received your letter of acceptance a few weeks ago and were beyond excited to join the best Huntsman training academy in Vale. While you were excited, you were able to keep it in; unlike your friend Jaune, who’s face was currently buried in a trash can.
“I told you dude; you should’ve taken those motion sickness pills.” You said as you rested against a wall to wait for your friend to finish
About five minutes later, the blonde’s stomach had finally settled and removed his head from the wastebasket.
“All right, smart guy. But now I’m feeling better and ready to show the ladies what I’ve got!”
Jaune said pointing to an empty courtyard, the
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 244 48
Mature content
A Sweet Little Twist (Neo x Faunus!MaleReader) :iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 148 66
Caffeine Rush Ch.1 (Coco Adel x MaleReader)
You woke up to the consistent beeping of your alarm, sitting up you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and looked out the window to the courtyard of Beacon Academy.  You had started at Beacon a few short months ago with your best friend Jaune Arc.  The two of you made friends as well as enemies and the term was anything but dull. The new semester started a few days ago with a bang in the form of a food fight of epic proportions. Needless to say, getting the watermelon stains out of your uniform was a trial in itself. Classes resumed as well as training in preparation for the upcoming Vytal Festival and Tournament and as you looked away from the window, you saw your teammates preparing to enjoy the day off. Your partner, Carmen the Fox Faunus, was sitting at the girls’ vanity brushing her red hair while Daisy the Rabbit Faunus was talking on her Scroll. Meanwhile, Nicholas Frost, the only other human on your team, was sitting on his bed tying his bootlaces and answering a
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 156 24
The Velveteen Bunny and the Wolf
It was happening again. Lunchtime rolled around at Beacon Academy, Velvet’s team had just finished their meal ahead of her. Seeing that Cardin and his team weren’t in the room, she insisted that they on their way and she would catch up later. Little did she know that the threat was nearby, hidden like predators stalking their prey. They emerged from their hiding spot and surrounded the poor rabbit Faunus.
“Hey bunny,” Cardin taunted, “All alone today eh?”
'Oh no,' Velvet thought with dread, 'I thought for sure they were gone!'
Not wanting to be the victim of their cruel games, Velvet got up from her seat and attempted to leave in hopes of being left alone, but sadly, Cardin and his team had other plans. Russell swiftly stepped in front of her, blocking her way to freedom.
“And where do you think you’re going freak?” he asked with a smirk plastered on his face. While he distracted her with a question, Cardin began to seize her long e
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 206 98


A Rose By Any Other Name A Ruby X Reader Story Ch6
Chapter 6 - Filling Your Head With Dreams

    (A/n: Here’s a thing…)

    The walk back to the school was peaceful. The calm, nighttime breeze stolled slightly faster than you and your red-dressed date. The fingers of one of your hands were intertwined around the fingers of hers, holding you close to the sweet girl.

    “Thanks for taking me out tonight.” She said softly.

    “You’re very welcome.” You responded, earning a sweet smile from her pale face.

    “It was a lot of fun.” She said to you.

    “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” You responded.

    “I’m not gonna lie, I was really nervous about this.” She admitted, blushing slightly. She looked down, her eyes closing above that smile.

    “I was too, I have to admit.” You told her, and she giggled a bit in response.

    A warm silence followed as you both walked silently, Beacon appearing at the end of the pathway you both strolled on. The dorm rooms were lit up, illuminating the surrounding towers like a city skyscraper. It looked like a modern castle, sitting patiently at the end of the pathway waiting for your arrival.

    Ruby smiled at the sight and rested her head on your shoulder softly. Her black hair nuzzled against your cheek sweetly. You released her hand and gently placed it around her, resting your fingers on her opposing shoulder. She did the same to you, and you soon set your head atop hers elegantly, the rose next to your soft (h/c) hair. You felt her smile as you both walked off towards Beacon.

* * *

    You found yourself still walking with Ruby, but now down the paths of Beacon, the outer sidewalks. You walked in silence still, but it was a nice, calming silence. Ahead of you was a bench in a park.

    The same park you'd sat with her in before, the same park she’d kissed you in.

    Without discussing it, you both silently agreed to pace towards it and sit down. As you sat, you put your arm around Ruby. She leaned her head back and gazed up at the shining stars. You set your head back and looked up at them as well.

    “It's a nice night tonight.” Ruby said.

    “Yeah, sure is.” You said in return.

    A cool breeze drifted by as Ruby turned to you. “So, I said earlier that we should talk about that kiss.”

    “Yeah, you did. And we never did talk about it much over dinner.” She smiled as you turned to look at her. “Should we talk about it now?” You smiled a warm smile.

    “Sure.” She said.

    There was a moment’s silence as you rattled your brain, thinking of what to say. Before you could, Ruby began the little talk.

    “Well,” She said jokingly. “I think it's safe to say that I did it because I-” she stopped in her tracks, and her smile shifted into a frown as her expression turned nervous. “You alright?” You asked, noticing the awkward look about her.

    “Ah, I di- I did it be- because I-” she stuttered. “Because I like you…”

    Her face turned a deep red as she said this. Before you could respond, even though you weren't sure how you would, she went off.

    “Sorry, I- I just, haven't t- told someone that before. I've never really been in a full-on relationship either, I'm just kinda nervous about it. I don't wanna scare you off or anything, I just…”

    She continued explaining herself in a panicked tone. You smiled, and came up with an idea.

    “Ruby.” You said warmly.

    “And I-” she stopped, and looked into you eyes, and suddenly you were on her lips.

    Your eyes were closed, but you knew hers were open. Yet, you felt them relax to a close as she embraced the sudden kiss. Your hand pulled back from behind her head and held her pale cheek. She lifted her trembling arms and wrapped them around your neck in a nervous embrace, holding you for safety. You felt immortal, like you were being lifted off that bench by an invisible force, but you remained in little Ruby’s embrace. Her face felt warm, like that steam that had come out of the room when you’d seen her earlier that night. Her lips were soft like her warm hair that was buried so deeply in your hand now. The outside weather seemed to halt in its tracks, all feeling of cold left you. All you could feel was this soft kiss you shared with the girl you cared for so deeply. It felt like you’d been waiting years for this moment, and now it felt scary, but right. Your other hand found its way to her hip, settling ever so softly upon the velvet fabrics of her beautiful red dress. The rose in her hair grazed your finger as you held her head close. All noise felt like it had stopped, it was just you and her in some undefinable place, together.

    A gentle click of your lips invisibly shattered the air around you as you gingerly parted from the stunned girl. Her eyes were wide, but relaxed still, her slightly ajar mouth resting gently below, shining bright in the moonlight like glass. Her silver orbs looked like moons themselves, shining bright with curiosity and wonder, and now undefinable shock. But she didn’t run. Not a hint of rose petals erupted from her seat. Her carnation stayed in its decorative spot amidst her black hair, and the rest of her petite body sat motionless. Her arms relaxed slowly, softly slithering away from your neck, finally halting with her pale hands on your shoulders. Her cheeks burned red like the rose in her elegant hair, but you didn’t pay any attention. She said nothing, only allowed herself to lose sight in your warmly smiling eyes. You’d just stolen her first kiss, and she could say nothing concerning it.

    Her jaw quivered as her lips molded into a precious smile.

    “I didn’t mind that either.” She said in a whisper.

    You could only smile as she adjusted her position and rested her head on your shoulder. You in turn set your head atop hers, and simply sat there peacefully, looking up at the stars above.

    * * *

    Deep breathing was heard from Ruby suddenly. It brought you back into the moment. You quietly checked your scroll and saw it was 9:50. You figured that for your sake, you should bring Ruby back to her dorm now. After all, Yang was very clear.

    “Have her back by 10.”

    “Okay, Ruby.” You said in a gentle tone. “We should get back to our dorms now.”

    She didn’t respond, she only nuzzled into your shoulder further and breathed more heavily for a second. You did your best to look down at her and saw that her eyes were shut.

    She was asleep.

    You did your best to sit her upright and stood up gently. You then turned to her and lifted her from the chilled bench bridal-style. She stirred slightly, but stayed at rest. You slowly paced back inside and brought her up the elevator, being careful how and where you held her.

    She was still out when you’d reached her dorm door. You put your heel close to the door and knocked softly with your toes by twisting your foot back and forth. Soft pacing was heard from inside before Yang opened the door, now in her PJs. Ruby had yet to awake, so you simply stood there, holding Yang’s sleeping sister in front of her.

    “I believe this is yours.” You told her.

    Yang smiled sweetly. You could tell from that look in her lilac eyes that she had forgotten about earlier, and could see the night had gone well for you both.

    Yang gently pulled the door fully open and said “You can just set her on Weiss’s bed.” You stepped in and set her head upon the pillow gently, removing your arm from under her knees after. Before you could turn, Ruby stirred. Her silver eyes blinked slowly open.

    She was awake.

    “H- huh, wha..?” She whispered. You brushed the red highlights of her soft hair from her tired face. “Hey sleeping beauty.” You said to her. You heard Yang step out of the room, but you didn’t turn. You stayed looking at the now smiling Ruby.

    “Thanks for tonight.” She whispered.

    “You’re welcome.” You said. “Sleep well.” You gave her a kiss on the forehead as she smiled bigger, before gingerly drifting back into her slumber.

    You gently removed the rose from her hair and set it on her nightstand. You then tiptoed out of the room and met Yang, who was on her way in.

    “Uh, hey.” You said to her, still slightly intimidated by her.

    After a short pause, she looked at you. “Thanks for treating her well.” She said softly with a sweet smile.

    “Anytime.” You responded, reciprocating that smile.

    She let you leave with a pat on the back, and went into her dorm. She softly shut the door as you walked down the hall, smiling. Eventually you returned to your dorm. As you brought your hand to the doorknob, you had a flashback of when you’d planned this whole thing with Ruby.

    “U- uh, m- maybe, w- w- we, should talk, about… this, then.”

    “Over dinner?”

    “Sure, I’d like that.”

    You smiled softly to yourself.

    You gingerly turned the knob and opened the door. You saw the room was dark, and all three of your teammates were sound asleep in their beds. You strolled in and shut the door, but you felt like you were walking on air. You eventually got yourself changed and made it to your bed. You then tucked yourself in and lay there, staring at the ceiling. You sat there and thought about that night until your eyes gently shut and you drifted into a deep, happy sleep.


A Rose By Any Other Name A Ruby X Reader Story Ch5
Chapter 5 - Date Night

    (A (f/c) collar shirt, a dark blue blazer with golden buttons, grey dress pants, a belt, and black shoes if male, a (f/c) dress and matching leggings, and black shoes if female). There. That was the outfit. You were ready to take Ruby out. You checked your scroll. The clock had struck 7 just as you did.

    “Here goes everything.”

    The door creaked open like that of a haunted house as nervousness drenched over you. But you kept going, you closed the door and walked to Ruby’s room. Soon enough, you arrived, and knocked with a vibrating hand. “Oh, (Y/n)’s here!” Ruby’s voice cried out from behind. “Heh, hang on, little sister.” Yang’s voice responded. You thought nothing of it and stood, making final adjustments to your outfit. Suddenly, a gust of wind poured past you as the door swung open and Yang’s upper body popped out, a gloved hand grabbing your (shirt collar/dress strap). She pulled you close, but the look on her face could kill Ozpin himself. Her burning red eyes radiated heat that burned you to your core. In a deep voice you genuinely couldn’t believe she could muster, she muttered “You hurt her,” She paused.

    “I will bathe the hallways in your blood.”

    A deep, deadly chill shot down your spine like an arrow. The cold could put Weiss to shame. “Yang, is it (Y/n)?” Ruby’s calmingly cute voice beckoned from behind the white door. Yang released you in a heartbeat and blinked, her lilac eyes returning in a matter of milliseconds. “Yeah, (Y/n)’s here.” She swung the door open to reveal her well-dressed younger sister.

    She wore a vibrant red dress with a black bow at the hip above her black heels and red stockings. More bright red spots rose up above the bow, but the rest of the dress was held together by black crosses of fabric and thin red fabrics. Ruby brushed her hair out of her sparkling silver eyes and adjusted the red rose in her elegantly combed black hair.

    “H- hi.” She said sweetly, but you could tell she was a bit nervous.

    You suddenly seemed to forget everything Yang had said, her beauty was just too breathtaking. “Uh, h- hi.” You stuttered out, feeling less confident in your outfit, seeing that she looked better in hers.

    “S- something wrong?” Ruby asked. Yang shot you a look, and you immediately said “Um, n- no. It’s just that, y- you’re really pretty, and it kinda took my breath away, I just didn’t know what to say.” Your boldness made Ruby blush and giggle to herself as she walked over to you. “Might as well be as confident as I can.” You thought to yourself as Ruby pulled out her scroll. “Don’t stay out too late, you two.” Yang teased. “We won’t.” Ruby teased back. You looked up to the blonde, who mouthed “Have her back by 10.” Below her fiery red eyes. You nodded in fear as she shut the door softly. Ruby put her scroll away as you extended your arm. She took it in hers and you began walking.

    “S- so th- that kiss on the cheek, w- wasn’t, bad?” She asked awkwardly, referring to your earlier conversation.

    “Uh, n- no. It wasn’t.” You responded in an equally broken tone.

    “Cool, cool.”

    “S- so, is there anywhere you want to go to eat, or…”

    “Um, n- no, y- you can decide.”

    “O- okay.”

    After a while’s silence, you began talking to the girl again. You were both nervous, but it soon eased away as you got deeper into your conversation and got closer to a place to eat. You both felt not only comfortable but somewhat confident around each other, the kiss aside now.

    Upon arriving at the restaurant, you held the door open, and she promptly thanked you. You both headed inside, and you smiled as you saw the room take little Ruby’s breath away. A high pitched but soft gasp met your ears as her silver eyes darted around the fancy decor.

    The room was largely black, with black wooden walls and a black wooden ceiling, with bright yellow lights dangling from above on shiny golden chains. The red carpet on the floor was surprisingly clean, and it shone almost as brightly as the golden orbs above. It had a bright golden line just next to the edge of the carpet, circling the room’s furniture perfectly. The bar was made of the same black wood, but the counter was marble, and shiny, too. The seats held red leather atop the black spines of wood. A rainbow of any and every kind of drink imaginable sat behind the bar in a dynamic color scheme, but Ruby had her silver orbs set on the chairs and tables. The tables were black wood, and held solid white tablecloths upon them, black seats with red leather at their sides. The tables held small, clear vases, each bearing a bright red rose. Each table was candlelit perfectly with a small yellow ball of flame atop a tan candle.

    “This place is…” Ruby uttered quietly. You gingerly placed your hand on her pale shoulder. “Thought you'd like it.” You said calmly. Her cheeks shifted to a faint shade of red, but her smile took your attention away from it.

    A waitress stepped out from behind the counter, a menu in hand. She had grey, smoke-colored hair, and shining golden eyes. She wore a black suit, complete with a red tie running down the center of the white collar shirt.

    “Welcome!” She chimed. The blushing Ruby turned to the waitress, who promptly waved hello. “My name is Cinder, I'll be showing you to your table. Now, have you dined with us before?”

    “Um, no.” Ruby responded softly. “This is my first time here, at least.” She turned to you, and asked “Have you, been here before?”

    You smiled. “I've been here once before.”

    “Well, okay. I'll show you to your table, just follow me.” And with that, Cinder’s black heels made light clicking noises as she strolled off down the pathway, the menu held to her chest. You and Ruby followed behind her, smiling happily. Cinder led you to a table on the edge of the set of tables in the middle of the room, so you both wound up next to the booths. You chivalrously pulled Ruby’s chair out for her, and she gingerly took her seat, you sitting in yours after the fact.

    “I'll be right back with menus for the two of you, and appetizers will be here momentarily.” Cinder said to you both. “Thank you.” You and Ruby said to her.

    And with that, Cinder strolled off.

    “You alright so far?” You asked the childishly curious Ruby, who was observing the scenery in awe, like a child in an amusement park.

    “This place is amazing, (Y/n). Thanks for taking me here.”

    “You’re very welcome, Ruby. I'm glad you like it.”

    After a brief silence, you looked to her silver eyes and said “If I may, there really are no hard feelings about that kiss.” She blushed as you said this, but they acted merely as a frame for her beautiful smile. “I'm just glad that things worked out so I could take you here.” She smiled bigger. “Aww!” She called slightly louder than you'd have liked. “I'm glad too.” She elaborated, lowering her voice. “Wouldn't have had it any other way.”

    Thump thump thump thump thump.

    Little footsteps came trotting up to your table, and Ruby’s pale face lit up like she'd just seen a puppy. A small girl with pink and brown hair had made her way to your table. She wore the same suit Cinder wore, and held two glasses of ice water in foggy glasses underneath her illuminating smile. She set the glasses in front of you both gingerly and linked her hands at her hip. “Thank you!” You said to the girl, who curtsied with her little jacket and skipped off like Mary Poppins.

    You and Ruby both couldn't help but gawk a little, but after the tiny waitress was gone, you both gazed into each other's eyes again.

    “So, ignoring everything from before, let's just go from here.” You told Ruby. She smiled and wrapped her hand around the icy glass, and lifted it from its spot on the creamy white tablecloth. She held the glass out in front of her.

    “To tonight.” She said.

    “To tonight.” You responded, lifting your glass and lightly hitting its edge against hers.

* * *

    Ruby put her pale hand to her open lips as she laughed from your jokes, while you filled out the payment information. Her cheeks were red, and tears began slowly dropping from her smiling eyes.

    “I mean, you said his cane is also a gun. Why? Why not just carry around a normal gun? Why does everything have to be two things?” Ruby laughed harder as you closed the booklet and set the pen down on top of it. As Ruby gripped the tablecloth in her hand, those same tiny footsteps from earlier came a-trotting back. The pink and brown haired lady came and snatched the booklet and pen from the table, and smiled at you with a nod. “And thank YOU for your service, um…” You said to her. She held the booklet and pen in one hand and held up her name tag with the other. “Hm. Well, thank you for your service, Neo.” She smiled as you stood up. You looked down to the little ice cream girl, who looked up to you in turn. “Have a good rest of your night.” She smiled, waved, and skipped off again, her hair bouncing in its place as she went behind the counter and disappeared from view. You strolled over to Ruby and extended your hand. She took it in hers and stood up from her chair, and pushed it in.

    “Let's get back to Beacon” Ruby said sweetly. You nodded and said “Let’s.” You held her hand close and walked out of the restaurant with her.

A Rose By Any Other Name A Ruby X Reader Story Ch4
Chapter 4 - Yellow Anger Burns

    Walking back to your dorm was a big enough challenge by itself. Wondering what to think about Ruby was entirely another. How did it feel so… Natural, to like her so soon after you’d met her? How did SHE like YOU so soon after meeting you? These questions had no answers, and it drove you crazy. You’d have killed for an answer to at least one of them.

    You stepped into the elevator, which was luckily empty, and set it to your floor. The doors forced themselves shut, and it started to lift as you leaned against the wall. “I can’t believe she…” You said aloud, raising your fingertips to the cheek she’d kissed so suddenly. Your fingers were icy cold, and you almost couldn’t describe how it felt when she did it.


    Your breathing was a delicate whisper through your gaping mouth as the doors opened in front of you. You put both of your stiffened hands in your pockets and strolled out of the elevator. The doors shut silently as you walked softly down the halls.

    “What do I do now?! (Y/n) totally knows now!”

    Your ears perked up as the unmistakable voice of Ruby emanated from the walls.

    “Well, what if that’s a good thing? If anything, (Y/n) is gonna start thinking about you romantically now.”

    You narrowed the sound of Yang’s voice to a door uncomfortably close to where you were standing. You paced closer to the door as Ruby and Yang continued talking.

    “That’s true, but what if (Y/n) doesn’t feel the same way?”

    Your cheeks burned holes in your face, you could almost feel it happening.

    “She DOES like me…”

    “Rubes, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Regardless, I think you’ve got an advantage now, after that stunt you just pulled.”

    “Yang, shut up!” You heard her hit Yang’s shoulder.

    “Ruby, listen.” The halls fell silent, except for a few voices from other teams talking faintly. Your heart skipped a beat as you thought they somehow knew you were there, before Yang started consoling her sister again.

    “I know you. (Y/n) more likely than not is gonna like you back. But either way, there’s no way you could get hurt from this. If (Y/n) feels the same way, I’m sure you’ll get treated well. And if you're not…”


    “I’ll kick (Y/n)’s ass.”

    Your blood ran a deep cold as Yang said what she did in a dark, almost crazy tone. Even the blush on your cheeks lowered in temperature.

    “And if (Y/n) doesn’t feel the same way, that’s fine! Just move on and find someone else! Hell, I will HELP you find someone else!”

    Again, silence, as your body tried to bring itself to a calmer state.

    “But…” Ruby said. “I don’t WANT to find someone else. I want (Y/n).”

    As nervous as hearing this made you, you couldn’t help but see how adorable and sweet Ruby was. No wonder you liked her so soon, she was great.

    With a smile you decided that enough was enough. “I shouldn’t listen in to this, either.” You thought as you tiptoed away and began to block out the sisters’ conversation.

    The floor creaked.

    Right. In front. Of team RWBY’s dorm.

    Your heart skipped about 4 beats as the sisters fell deathly silent from the creaking of the wooden boards underneath your feet. After your heart began to function again, oh boy did it. It was pounding. You couldn’t even hear the other teams talking anymore. Just, your accelerated, heartbeat. It felt like something out of a nightmare.

    “Not sure, Rubes. I’ll go see what that was.”

    “OH, NO!” You thought, panicking as you were convinced your heart was about to explode. Yang’s footsteps for the door were slow, but audible nonetheless. They also creaked eerily against the wood floors. “There’s no getting out of this one. This is where I die.”

    A door opened.

    Your heart skipped a beat again as it did, but luckily for you it was the door opposite RWBY’s. Even more luckily for you, it was Pyrrha who had opened the door.

    “Oh.” She said MUCH louder than you would have liked her to. “It was y-”

    Not even thinking it through, you ran into JNPR’s room, grabbing Pyrrha’s arm on the way in. You yanked her in and whipped the door to a close, but not before pulling it back to slow its speed before it shut…

    Just as Yang opened the other door.

    The knob in your trembling hand thankfully stayed quiet, but stayed turned. You didn’t dare let it lock. Your fear was so intense at this point that Pyrrha and whoever was behind her, you hadn't seen on the way in, held their breaths. The silence in the air could kill, but not as much as Yang would if she opened that door you held closed.

    “Nobody here, maybe it was just the building settling.” She closed the door as you exhaled quietly and let the door lock. You turned to the shocked and confused Pyrrha, along with Nora, sitting on the bed in her “boop” shirt, reading a comic book. “And what was-” “SHHHH!” You shushed Pyrrha, who took a step back at your unintentional hostility. “Sorry.” Was about all you could say as you felt your heart decelerate.

    “(Y/n), what is going on?” She said, lowering her voice, but still not whispering. You took a deep breath, and motioned to the bed Nora sat on. Pyrrha sat on it as you sat on the one opposite. “Okay…” You said aloud, your face in your hands. As you looked up to the curious ladies, you asked them “Can you keep a secret?” “Absolutely.” Pyrrha responded. “I would never tell anyone something you didn’t want me telling them, (Y/n).” Nodding, you thanked her. “But,” You said, turning to Nora. “Can YOU keep a secret?” Before the ginger could respond, Pyrrha said “Anything you can tell me, you can tell Nora. Now, what is going on with you?”

    Taking a deep breath, you responded to her question reluctantly. “Er… Well… You girls know Ruby, right? Ruby Rose?” You looked towards the door for a moment, trying to keep your shaking voice down.

    “Yeah, I know her.” Said Nora. “Leader of team RWBY, scythe wielder, big red hood…” “Yeah yeah yeah, her.” You interrupted. Pyrrha gave you a confused look. “(Y/n)...” She said as you looked to her. “Is something going on between you two?”

    You hesitated to answer, in part because you didn’t know how to answer that question. So, you just started talking.

    “Ugh, I wish.” You said. “That works. I’ll just go from there.” Pyrrha raised her eyebrows, and Nora just smiled quickly. “I, uh, well, I’ll just start from the beginning. Her and I met yesterday, and we got along really well. We hung out after classes today, literally a few minutes ago, before her sister Yang called her back to the room, saying she needed help with something. When she had to leave, she gave me a hug, but longer than she had the past few times she had. She’s hugged me before, but it’s quick. I can’t reciprocate it. This time, I could. We hugged for a moment, before she kissed me on the cheek. She didn’t say why before she used her speed to literally disappear from my arms. I headed back here and overheard her and Yang talking, and through that I found out she likes me. That was before I tried to tiptoe away, and the floor creaked under me. Yang would have found me and torn my head off if you hadn’t opened the door first, Pyrrha, so thanks for that.” She smiled and nodded. “And, I guess that’s about it. But, I don’t know if I like her. I’m pretty sure I do, but-” “Why might you like her?” Pyrrha interrupted.

    “Huh?” “Why do you think you would like her? I mean, it’s only been one day, but…” She trailed off and looked off as well, almost as if she was thinking back to something, or someONE. “These things just sort of happen sometimes. I know it feels unnatural, but it isn’t.” “What she said.” Nora added. “Stuff happens, people like each other, and there’s nothing WRONG with that, so you can ease up about that.” “Um, okay.” You responded. “So, what is it you like about her? Name something about her you like.” Pyrrha asked.

    “Well, I-” you began, legitimately thinking your response through. “Well, she's pretty, for one thing, adorable for another. Um, she, she's funny… she's kind, she's a good fighter, she cares about me and her friends, she has that childlike personality that I- like, in her.”

    Pyrrha was a little taken aback, but she nodded nonetheless. “Sounds like you really like her, (Y/n).”

    As nervous as hearing that made you, you knew there was a 100% chance she liked you as well.

    “S-so, what do I do, now?” You asked Pyrrha. “Well, try spending a day or two, maybe more, flirting with her. Rushing into this might be dangerous, so it's best to ease into this.” You nodded, thinking that the idea of flirting with little Ruby might be fun. “Okay, I will. I'll take some time to flirt with her. What kinds of stuff should I do?”

* * *

    At around 6, you left Pyrrha’s and Nora’s dorm. They’d spent time coaching you on the best ways to flirt with Ruby. “After all,” Pyrrha had said, “The best way to learn how to flirt with a girl is to ask one.”

    There was silence from Ruby’s room. You could only assume that she and Yang had settled their discussion, and it deeply relaxed you to know that you didn’t have to worry about Yang punching you. For the moment, at least.

    You strolled down the hall in a relatively good mood. As exhausting as today had been, there was nothing inherently wrong with all that’d happened. The girl you apparently liked had kissed you on the cheek. That’s always nice. You walked towards your dorm and were about to open it, when a different door, one door down, swung itself open. The bathroom door at the end of the hall. Trace amounts of steam poured out, and “This Will Be The Day” was heard playing off of a scroll.

    Your stomach grew uneasy as you figured- Yep.

    Ruby walked out.

    She dried her wet and saggy black hair with a red towel with one hand, her music playing scroll held in the other at her side, along with her sleep mask with the grimm eyes on it. She wore her PJs, the black tank top with the grimm on the chest, and the white pants with the roses on it. She had no slippers on, and was walking in her bare feet. She hummed along with the music until she turned to her dorm and caught sight of you, holding your dorm’s doorknob in your now slightly trembling hand. The song ended as she looked up at you, her tiny cheeks exploding in a red that made the towel stand out in darkness. She opened her mouth to speak, but no noise came out as silence filled the halls. You stared back awkwardly at the petite girl, the steam from the room not assisting in making your blush go away.

    Suddenly, “I May Fall” began to play from Ruby’s scroll. She gasped and fumbled with it in her hands, clumsily pausing the song. She lowered the scroll, exhaling a short sigh of relief, but tension was still heard in her shrill tone.

    “You really like Casey Lee Williams’ music, huh?” You said in a shaky but flirtatious tone, trying desperately to break this heart-slowing silence. Ruby opened her mouth, and pushed out a “U- u- uhh, y- yeah, I- I do.” You smiled with a “Hmm.” as you released the doorknob. A moment’s silence followed before she draped the towel around the back of her neck and walked hastily over to you. “Look, (Y/n), I’m really sorry for- uh, for what I did. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I just did it, and I- I…” She trailed off and drooped her head down, but you caught the conversation. “Ruby, it’s alright. Don’t beat yourself up over this. We all do things we don’t mean to, happens to the best of us.” She looked up in quiet optimism. “R- really?” She questioned, the blush fading softly. “Yeah.” You said in a casual tone that surprised you inside. “To be honest, I…”

    You trailed off, but Ruby didn’t say anything.

    “D- didn’t m- mind it, too much.”

    And just like that, Ruby’s burning cheeks returned.

    “U- uh, m- maybe, w- w- we, should talk, about… this, then.” She stuttered nervously, but it made you smile.

    “Over dinner?” You asked.

    “Oh, I so owe Pyrrha one for this.” You thought.

    Ruby’s silver eyes widened almost cartoonishly as you looked back into them, smiling a warm smile. She mouthed “I…” a few times, but said nothing. “Ruby, it’s only 6. If you want to go and grab a bite, I’m up for it.” She said nothing, and nervousness caught up to you. “Maybe asking her out wasn’t the right move.” You thought. “Maybe space was something better to give her. Pyrrha did say I should give it a couple days to just flirt with her, and-”


    You broke out of your train of thought as a quivering flash of a smile formed on her pale and adorable little face. “I’d like that.”

    You widened your eyes, but went along with it. “A- alright, I… I’ll come get you at 7, i- is that okay?”

    “Y- yeah. That’s fine. S- see you then.”

    She patted your shoulder with her warm hand and strolled off to her dorm, a hand on her hip. She didn’t look back, but you were sure she knew you were staring. You couldn’t help it. It was almost like she was asking you to come over and watch her change.

    But you didn’t.

    You were still in your school outfit, and as fancy as it was, it was no attire to take Ruby out with. You opened your dorm door and stepped in as Ruby walked off. You shut the door softly behind you and turned to see you were alone, thankfully. You walked over to the closet and looked for a fancy outfit, but your legs felt like jelly.

    “This might was well happen.” You thought, shoving other outfits aside to find the perfect outfit for your date with Ruby.

A Rose,By Any Other Name-A Ruby X Reader Story-Ch3
Chapter 3 - The Flower Blooms

    Your mind considered a lot on the way to class after that incident with Yang and the look she threw you.

    Was Yang right? Did you like Ruby? Maybe you did and you just didn't know it. “I mean,” You debated in your head. “She's pretty nice, sure, but that's just one thing. I'm not sure I'd like someone for one reason alone…” You arrived to class just as the bell rang, a few students trickling in after you. Professor Port didn't seem to mind the bear tardiness. He waited for you to sit down and began teaching after everyone had done so. You payed attention to his lecture, but your mind occasionally wandered back to Ruby. But you didn't let yourself think about her. You shook your head whenever she popped up in it, and mostly listened to Port’s lecture. The thing was, class progressed slowly.

    REALLY slowly.

    Once it finally ended, you took a much needed walk to next class, which was far away. Your music played loud in your ears, drowning out the chaos of the outside world. It felt like a hug, like lying in bed after a tough day. Your eyes hung low as the music almost lulled you to sleep. But you stayed awake and went to next class. Fortunately, it was history, and you enjoyed that class. Oobleck hadn't had his coffee, so he let you watch a video on the Great War. He was too tired to do a lesson today.

    As much as sorting your thoughts was something you wanted to do, the video was interesting enough to distract you. Luckily for you, you'd also sat next to Pyrrha from team JNPR, who was a close friend of yours. She was also interested in the video, and you both discussed it as you watched. It helped to talk with her, it was that final shove to get the thoughts of Ruby out of your head. Pyrrha had a unique sense of humor, you had to pay attention to her to get her jokes. She was also very intelligent, and enjoyed learning about Remnant’s history as you did. Needless to say, chatting with her helped you relax.

    The bell rang.

    Oobleck paused the video and let you all go. You headed out the door and said your goodbyes to Pyrrha. Unfortunately, soon as you turned away from her, the thoughts of Ruby came rushing back. You rolled your eyes in agony and headed to the park to meet up with the red-hooded girl.

    As you walked, you brainstormed whether or not you liked Ruby. You weren't sure. “Meh, I'll just hang out with her for a few hours and see for myself.” You thought. “The best way to know if I like her for sure is to just get to know her.” As you exited the building and saw her way in the distance, trotting happily in the grass, you thought “I don't see myself as the type of person to fall for someone just days after I meet them, but I'll see where this goes.”

    Ruby soon noticed you walking, and ran towards you in a flash. Her entire body was enveloped in her red hood, and she drew closer faster than you could see. Rose petals flew everywhere as she appeared in front of you and almost made you jump out of your skin.

    “Hi!” Ruby said loudly as she appeared. You lept back and almost let out a scream. Ruby began to hold her sides, she was laughing so hard. As startled as you were, her laugh was absolutely adorable, there was no denying that.

    “Sorry.” She said, pulling herself together. “Just my semblance.” You only stared back. “Speed.” She said. “Really?” You responded sarcastically. “Coooooool.” Ruby giggled and turned around, facing the park. “Let's go sit! There's a bench over there!” She skipped towards the grey metal bench, thankfully at a normal speed, one you could catch up with. “So.” You said, jogging up to her side before slowing to a stroll. “Your semblance is speed, huh?” With a short laugh, she said “Yeah, it is. Comes in handy when I gotta get to class on time” “I imagine it would.” You said to her.

    “I've also heard about some students whose weapons go with their semblance. Do you have one of those?”

    “No, but it's fine. The speed just helps me use Crescent Rose easier.”

    “What’s a Crescent Rose?”

    Ruby reached behind her cloak and pulled out a red metal rectangle. Before you could even tell that it was such, it began springing and unfolding open into a giant scythe, easily twice as tall as Ruby. It produced sounds of metal bending and snapping as it whipped itself into shape in moments. The monster of a weapon unfolded to Ruby’s side, and fell dramatically to the ground, the nauseatingly sharp blade tearing mercilessly into the ground beneath. Ruby stood there, holding the scythe in one hand, the other at her hip. She leaned against the device, her arm extended about a third of the way down the handle.

    You halted in your tracks.

    “So that's a Crescent Rose.”

    Ruby giggled and turned to look at her weapon, buried in the ground. She rose her other arm to another lever on the handle of the device. “It's also a customizable, high-impact sniper rifle.” She said. “Sorry, what?” You asked. With a pull of the lever she held, she said “It’s also a gun.” “Oh, okay.”

    You sat down on the bench next to Ruby as the wind blew by, causing her hair to flow in front of her face. She lifted her pale hand to brush it away. She suddenly hit a button on her scythe, and it contracted and contorted back into that red thing you'd seen for but a split second a moment earlier. She put the weapon in a hilt on the back of her dress.

    “So, where'd you get that thing?” You asked her.

    “Oh, I made it myself back in Signal.”

    You did a double take as she smiled, the faintest blush growing on her pale face. “You MADE that? That is AWESOME!” You said to her enthusiastically.

    “Thanks, but I did kinda go a little overboard in designing it. I'm kind of a dork when it comes to weapons.”

    “Well, I can see that from your weapon, but you didn't go overboard! It's a great weapon.”

    “You really think so?”

    “Totally! You're very talented.”

    She smiled at you and turned away. You heard the faintest laugh from her.

    “I mean, I really don't know about THAT, it took me a while to make, it wasn't easy to do it…”

    She continued talking, growing more and more embarrassed as she went on. She eventually trailed off, looking up to you. You were smiling a sweet smile, looking into her silver eyes. She looked into your (e/c) eyes with wonder and curiosity, the wind blowing by ever so gently, her hair swaying in its passing.

    A smile grew on her burning red face.

    “Thanks, (Y/n).” She said.

    “You're welcome, Ruby.” You responded.

    Silence filled the air, but it was a nice silence. You enjoyed looking into Ruby’s eyes, and she enjoyed looking into yours. Slowly, the rest of the world around her started to fade into black and white. She only became more vibrant and colorful than ever. She sat there, smiling, staring. Her face was burning red, but she didn't care. She was too happy. Her face was so innocent, so beautiful…

    So kissable.

    Is this what Yang was talking about? Feelings for Ruby? Is this why Yang gave you that look? Maybe, it didn't matter. All you could see was her.

    You began to lift your hand towards hers, sitting on the bench in between you both. Her finger twitches as her hand crawled towards yours. They inched closer as you could only long for them to finally meet. Your hand drew closer, about to meet her pale hand-

    When her scroll rang.

    The world’s color came rushing back in an instant, so much so you had to rub your eyes. You felt your face draw cold. Were you blushing? You never realized you were. Ruby inhaled sharply and looked down, awkwardly fiddling with her pocket to get the ringing scroll. Her face burned a bright red, a shocked expression on it.

    Neither of you said a word.

    She pulled out the scroll, and out of curiosity, you looked at the caller ID.


    Your heart sank, but only after it skipped a beat. Ruby turned to you after she saw the caller ID, and asked “D- do you mind if I- I get that?” You responded in a sweet tone, saying “Not at all, go ahead.” Ruby stood and walked a few paces away as she raised the scroll to her ear. She held her arm up by the elbow with the other arm. “H- hey, Yang. What's up?”

    “I shouldn't listen in.” You thought, plugging your earbuds in.

    (A/n: This plays for the rest of the chapter:…)

    Ruby paced back and forth, from what you could tell in a nervous manner. She was speaking, but you couldn't tell what it was she was saying. She then nodded sadly, and ended the call. She put the scroll in her pocket and stood there, sighing for a moment. She then began walking to you briskly, but her head hung low. Removing an earbud with your hand, you asked her what was wrong. “I've gotta go.” She said in a fairly relaxed tone. “I'd just, rather not, but oh well.” Your look changed from concern to confusion. “How come?” Ruby sat down next to you.

    “Yang needs my help with something, but she didn't say what. Apparently it's urgent, though.”

    “Oh, okay. Well, it was nice to at least see you for a bit.” You said nervously. Ruby chuckled, her cheeks turning about half as red as yours did from what you said. “Don't worry about it, we can hang out again.” You smiled, the burn on your cheeks fading. You both stood up together. “Mind walking me back to my dorm?” She asked, looking up to you. Her face was happy, but not with the energy it usually held. It seemed saddened by something, but there was happiness in there somewhere. You could tell.

    “Sure.” You said.

    “Awesome!” She squeaked, her characteristic joy returning. It brought happiness to both of your faces, but you didn't see hers light up as she wrapped you in a hug. You reciprocated, but your heart skipped a beat when you realized, you could.

    “Ruby usually doesn't hold her hugs this long.” You thought as she held you tight. Your arm wrapped around her back, pressing her luminescent red hood to her back. Your other hand found itself being bold, laying itself gently on the back of her head, the black and red hairs being wrapped around your fingers. “Sorry I have to go.” She says quietly. “Oh, it's alright.” You told her, and it was. You knew hanging out with her another day was always an option. “We can hang out again later. Let's head back your dorm.” “Alright.” She said. She leaned back.

    And gave you a kiss on the cheek.

    Your faces both lit up in a bright shade of red that put her hood to shame, in a heated blush that could have kept you both warm in the coldest of winter nights. Her silver eyes shone in impeccable detail as they widened to their limits, an intimate distance away from your wide (e/c) eyes. You felt her accelerated and trembling breathing on your face as you could barely siphon the strength to release her from your embrace. You could almost feel your nerves unbuttoning the base of your spine as you thought of ANYthing to say, ANYthing to break this deadly quiet.


    But you didn't say it. It came from your vocal chords, but it was involuntary. “(Y- Y/n), I-” she stopped short in her words. “I, um, I don't know why I did that, I just… uhh…” her breathing halted to a stop.

    Suddenly, she vanished from your arms in a red burst. Rose petals were left hanging from the fabrics of your (f/c) hoodie as you pointed your eyes up to see a cone-shaped red streak bolting away in a flash for the door. The bottom of your hoodie blew back from the wind, almost in ignorance of the intimacy you had suddenly shared with Ruby.


    This was what Yang was talking about.  Feelings for Ruby. This was why Yang gave you that look. Definitely, it did matter. All you could think about was her.

    You were sure now. Your questions from before were answered. Ruby liked you, there's no way she didn't after pulling a stunt like that and not even knowing WHY she did it.

    And you definitely liked her.



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